What is the directory?

The Brazilian Exporters Directory contains information on export operations for 2014/2015, based on the official records of the Foreign Trade Secretariat at the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade. This database is updated and maintained in partnership with FUNCEX.

The Brazilian Exporters Directory is an important database that can help identify international partnerships and spread information on Brazilian exports. It is a tool for promoting Brazilian export capacity and can be used for prospecting opportunities and business in Brazil.

The Directory is published in three languages - Portuguese, English, and Spanish - and provides a valuable source of information for Brazilian and foreign organizations that are interested in international cooperation. It is also an essential research tool for diplomatic representations and for international companies that are interested in increasing their business, partnerships, and investments with Brazilian companies. The Directory can be accessed at www.brazil4export.com.


Empresas cadastradas


Setores de produtos


Países de destino


Média de visitantes/dia

image/svg+xml46 1411 869 873 4279 259 223 592 124 54 7 3 79 1 5 5 33 63 11 86 30 19 69 14 8 64 6
326 Empresas com estado não cadastrado.

Who partipates?

The Brazilian Exporters Directory lists the Brazilian exporting companies that meet certain established criteria. The companies included in this edition of the Directory had to have average annual exports of at least US$ 50,000 for 2014/2015.

The primary data for this Directory were taken from the database of the Foreign Trade Secretariat at the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry and Foreign Trade.

How to participate?

The criteria used to include a company in this edition of the Directory were:

  • Minimum average annual exports amounts during the 2014/2015 two-year period equal to or greater than US$ 50 thousand;
  • Filling-in of the registration information by the company, such as: the company’s registered name, address, contact telephone and/or fax numbers, and e-mail.

If your company currently fulfills both of the mentioned above criteria, contact CNI by e-mail at brazil4export@cni.org.br and be part of our Brazilian Exporters Directory. As the database is updated regularly, your company can be included in the Brazilian Exporters Directory at any time.

Information update

Registration update All of the companies that are listed in the Brazilian Exporters Directory receive a login and a password that can be used to update their data on the www.brazil4export.com site.

The data informed by the companies is checked by CNI before publication, in order to guarantee the veracity of information.

For further information please contact:

Customer Care Service – SAC

National Confederation of Industry - Brazil

SBN - Quadra 01 - Bloco C Ed. Roberto Simonsen

Brasília - DF / CEP: 70040-903

Tel.: 55 61 3317-9989/ 9992/ 9993

E-mail: brazil4export@cni.org.br



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